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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

And yet another Goodbye....

I came home from St. George just over a week ago and thought my goodbyes has ended when I left the land of the red rocks... I was very wrong. My best friend up here in Northern Utah (Kayce) has been in the military since she was 17. She went on to become a Blackhawk helicopter pilot and was just deployed to Iraq after being home from Kuwait just about 8 months. This is her 4th deployment to the middle East. I was so excited to tell her that I was finally coming home and we could spend a lot of time at the lake house getting to know each other again after her year-long deployment and my 2 year excursion to St. George. Boy did she have news for me. I about fell over when she said that she was going back over-seas. This time is a LOT harder, it's scary knowing where she'll be and what she'll be doing. It seems "more real" and more scary than last time. This is where the real war seems to be going on.
She made sure she took us over to her "aircraft" and showed us all around and let us get in and look around. Kayce, you're amazing, that's all I can say!! How you can remember and keep track of everything you're looking at while keeping that thing in the air.... WOW!! She seemed to be pretty calm and was her happy normal self, smiling, laughing and joking with everybody that came to see her off. I've seen her a hundred times in her BDU's but this time seemed so different, so weird. I don't know if it was because I was still on a fog from being home only one day, or if it was that I was just trying to soak up every second I had with her that day. I couldn't take enough pictures, I couldn't get enough of her laugh, I couldn't not watch her every move and take it all in.

It was crazy watching her get ready and finally get really started to sink in for me, and man did the tears fall. I know Kayce, I said I wasn't gonna cry... too bad! :) But I want you to know Kayce, how proud I am of you and your decision to go back over there again on our behalf.

It was so cool to see her getting ready and talking with her guys as they made sure everything was ready and good to go. I watched her every move. I know how much she loves flying, but the picture that I love the most is....
Tell me she doesn't love her job!!! Look at her smile. This is the picture that I will ALWAYS remember... She LOVES her job, and that smile proves that!! Those guys she flies with couldn't have a better pilot than Kayce. They are lucky to have her on their side! Not long after this picture was taken she was gone again...another year, another round of holidays she'd be missing, another deployment overseas to keep us safe here at home! If you read this, please keep those people overseas in your prayers. They do this for us! I love you CW2 Lowry.. Please fly safe :) I love ya, and we have a snowboarding trip planned for 2010 at Bear Lake, so get back here safe and fast!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

One of life's missing pieces...

I know that people are meant to be in our life at a certain time and for a certain reason, but what I really question is why the ones that make the biggest difference in our life are the ones that are only in our life for a VERY short time. They seem to come out of left field and come at you like whirlwind and change our life forever (for the good), and then are gone as fast as they came. It just doesn't seem very fair. I guess that's one of life's little mysteries that we get to ponder.

I found one of the most important missing pieces of my life in St. George. I never thought it would happen in the land of red rocks, but it most definitely happened. I didn't know I could be so happy in such a short time because of one person. You have made the biggest difference in my life and to you I am so grateful. Thank You!! I think about you every day and pray for you and your families safety. In you, I found the "ACE" for my deck of cards that I wasn't dealt in the beginning ;) I love you!!!

Well, I moved back to the land of snow and cold. I wasn't even here for 24 hours and I got sick (remind me again while I like the snow!!) It was a VERY hard move to leave my co-workers in dispatch, the incredible St. George officers, the deputies, and all the other guys I got to work for!! I had a great time. You guys really changed my mind about dispatching and how fun it really can be with the right people and the right equipment (thanks Justin!!)

April, you were my rock! I will NEVER forget about our laugh until we cry sessions, especially Texas Roadhouse!! I don't think I will ever change another diaper and not think about you :) We had some great times... the next time you go to Vegas, make sure you make it over to New York & Company!! Tell the boys I love them and think about them a lot. I can't wait for them to come up and ride the "snow ski-doos". Hi Mike!!!

Megan, you are an incredible inspiration to me with what you have accomplished over the past few months!! You look amazing. You know you will always have a seat waiting for you in the engine when I'm on shift at the fire station... Come on over!! Thanks for so many laughs :) You've gotta keep updating your blog so I can see how big Anniston and Olivia are getting.

Brenda, hang in there. You have him!! I already miss our road trips and nearly hitting wild turkeys on some back road where there is no phone service. I'm so glad things worked out for you like they did. I'm glad you got rid of some of that extra baggage that had been holding you back for being the person I know you are. You guys are a cute couple!! Congrats again. George take care of my friend Brenda!!

Ty, hang in there with Mesquite... you can only make that a better place and a safer place for the ofcrs. You are an awesome dispatcher and they are lucky to have you down there!! Thanks for all our long talks ;) Keep me up to date on your dating world!!

Rach, Keep those ofcrs in line! I'll always remember how you would talk back to the radio traffic/ofcrs and make you funny comments!

Sarina, thanks for all those dinner and movie nights! It was a nice way to break up the week :) Tell Brandon thanks as well! Let Andrea know her man is out there somewhere trying to find her!! You guys are great friends. I'm gonna miss ya.

Ora, you were one of my favorite trainers! It was easy to come into work knowing I got to sit with you. You always had/have such a good attitude towards everything... that is such a good thing to have! Love ya.