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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Well, I know it's been a while since I've written anything, but I have a little time as I sit here at the fire station. I came home for a long needed vacation. I got off work at 0800 on Tuesday morning and headed to the freeway and was Northbound I-15 in a matter of minutes. Feet up, radio on and a Mtn. Dew to keep me awake, I was headed home. I never think another thing about Southern Utah once I get on the freeway Northbound, my truck seems to know the way.
I got in around 1300 and pulled up to my parents house and it was like I had never left. Mom was in the backyard when I got home, but she had made us a little lunch and we chatted for about an hour before we headed out to Syracuse to see grandma.

After we left there we headed to Duckys baseball game.

Wow, I miss having weather. We sat in the wind and rain and watched the little guys play baseball. I never realized how used to the Southern Utah weather I had gotten. Unfortunately they lost the game, but Ducky sure has a powerful swing!!

We headed to dinner at Chuck E. Cheese (where a kid can be a kid) for a little pizza. Ducky, Scoot and I played a whole bunch of games, won a whole bunch of tickets and they turned them in for suckers, a red High School Musical plastic ball, a popsicle and tiny plastic spiders. We had a really good time.

Yesterday, we headed to the new Oquirrh Mountain Temple for the open house. Derek and MacKenzie had never been inside an LDS temple before. Mom, the kids and I picked up Aunt D in West Jordan and headed to the temple. It was raining SOOO hard, we couldn't even hear the conversation that we had started over the rain pounding the car.

It was an absolute down pour for 15-20 minutes. We finally had a little break in the weather, so we jumped out of the car and ran to the awnings they had set up. The kids were amazed at the things in the temple. They said their most favorite things were the the chandeliers, the "mirrors that went forever" (the sealing room), and the baptismal font. We stopped on the way home and grabbed a little dinner and took Aunt D home. Later that night, we stayed home and watched a movie.

That brings us to today. I'm sitting here at the fire station where we just finished having lunch (dutch oven ribs, baked beans, pasta salad, and cookies). Two of the girls from the city office stopped by and ate with us. I sure miss these guys!! We haven't had any calls yet today, which really suprises me. Guess the citizens know I'm here and I haven't started an IV for a year and a half (do you blame them? lol, I wouldn't call if I knew I was on either, lol). I get off here at 1800 (6:00 for those non-military time people). After that, mom and I are heading to the Lake house (Bear Lake), so if we get a call before I leave, (hopefully a 10-50/car accident) hopefully I can put some pics up and show you guys what I love to do. If not, I'll write more tomorrow when we get to the lake....